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Prem Vidu Sacred Music Artist The Band of Now Devotional Mantra Kirtan Phoenix
Prem Vidu Sacred Music Artist The Band of Now Devotional Mantra Kirtan Phoenix
Prem Vidu Sacred Music Artist The Band of Now Devotional Mantra Kirtan Phoenix
Prem Vidu Sacred Music Artist The Band of Now Devotional Mantra Kirtan Phoenix
Prem Vidu
Is a Phoenix based sacred music artist. Originally from Waukesha, Wisconsin. Blessed to be raised by musical parents and having grown up on the sweet sounds of barbershop and dominant 7 chords. He started singing at the age of 5, but dropped that for percussion at 8. A few years later he met the teacher, Mr Serwey, who would open up the world for him. Diving into global music thru percussion was an all expansive experience, and it ignited his hunger, and ear, for world flavors. This eventually led him to complete a BFA in Percussion Performance & Jazz Studies from Northern Illinois University.
Vidu has performed internationally throughout his music career. Most notably;in the original cast of Blast! - a Broadway show in london, in Panorama - a carnival steel Pan competition in Trinidad & Tobago, and performing with his parents in Russia in the 8th annual St. Petersburg's Barbershop Festival.
Vidu was always interested in the intention behind the music more than the music itself. The search for depth led him to explore music as a tool of prayer and an expression of devotion. eventually leading him to the world of shamanism and plant medicines. It was here, in sacred ceremony, he would have a vision that would change his life course forever.

"there is no shorter umbilical to your soul
than singing!"

And so, at the age of 35, he started singing. He now combines a decade of leading medicine ceremonies, a decade of chanting, and a lifetime of musical experience which he channels all into facilitating sacred music gatherings. He currently leads the project, "The Band of Now," which is known for facilitating kirtans in the Phoenix Valley and beyond.

He invites all to share their voices together in devotion, and to co-create a sacred space for
healing, peace and joy to be cultivated!

The Band of Now is a concept, and perspective, rather than any specific ensemble. And it lives in my heart, and goes where I go. Really, it is me and who ever is co-creating with me.

It's all inclusive and brings light to the very real fact that the listener is participating

as a co-creator. The receiver is as important as the offering. When I am alone I do not sing the same as when I sing with/for other people. The listener literally draws the music forth out of me in a different way than when I am alone. This is absolutely profound and so overlooked.

And in the kirtan world where there are no performers, only facilitators and participants,

this becomes more easily apparent.

In my heart this concept goes even deeper when I step farther back and see the infinite parts of of the universe co-creating every moment I flow though. Seamlessly and perfect!

So The Band of Now literally refers to all of creation singing together. Yum!

This perspective includes a call to Presence. To now!

There is so much beauty and expansiveness in putting aside the idea of "me & mine,"
and reaching for the infinite, co-creating song together!

When we can catch a glimpse though the falsities of separateness,

we see it

can be no other way...


Separate as One,

that we may know


Here are the other kirtan facilitators that regularly co-create with me.
I am blessed by their huge Bhakti hearts and talents

that continually show up and support the prayers and offerings!
Listed alphabetically by first name...
Angela Fears (Dharma)
- Tabla
Early memories are of playing on the drum set at her mother's jazz band rehearsals. While growing up with singers, vocalist and storytellers, Dharma used yoga and the healing power of kirtan to discover her voice in 2009. Dharma's love of the wisdom traditions has led her to sacred stories, mantras and songs in ceremony and healing circles. Dharma is grateful for the the teachings and offerings from the elders, yoga teachers and guides.  In 2015 while sharing Kriya yoga practices, she was blessed to meet her tabla guru, Shreyas Iyer.  Dharma studies music of India with Phoenix Tabla, and has studied tabla with Marcus Wise and Ty Burhoe.  Performing with the Band of Now allows Dharma to embrace the Bhakti practice fully and completely.
Prem Vidu Sacred Music Artist The Band of Now Devotional Mantra Kirtan Phoenix
Cassandra Bright (Ma Nischala)
- Vocals & Harmonium

Cassandra began her yoga journey in 1998. Overwhelmed with life at the time...synchronistically, yoga arrived. Her first yoga experience (an Ashtanga Vinyasa class) kicked her butt, yet she wept with gratitude -- she’d found her way Home.  Yoga instantly meant more than movement or exercise; it meant reconnecting with Self, with that part that was quietly awaiting her return. Drawing her deeper into yoga, and to yoga teaching training, she completed her first 200-hr YTT in Scottsdale in 1999, then journeyed to mother India in 2007 to experience Nithya Yoga, where she became Ordained as a Yogacharya and Ananda Spiritual Healer. Her study of Self and Yoga continue, having become a Pranic Healer, a Yoga Nidra Facilitator and completing an  advanced 300-hr training in Yoga & Ayurveda.The opening of her center, Gilbert Yoga in 2003, has allowed her and many others to share the gifts of yoga with thousands, and to initiate others into teaching as well. Her asana based yoga style from 20 years ago is now infused deeply with the sweetness of Bhakti yoga and meditation…allowing for her heartfelt, soul-stirring yoga-medicine to flow.

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