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The reality of 432 hz...

This article by is just so good,
but first check out my own study of the subject below.
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I have played many different frequencies from 432, 434.5, 436, 440, 441, 442, 443, 446, 449. For various reasons. Mostly due to the instruments I'm playing or playing with. In my experience I have had heart opening moments in every one of these frequencies. I mostly sing and play devotional music. So I can't relate to anyone telling me that 432 is somehow more magically in my heart than 440 or any other frequency. It's just not my experience. My heart opens in all frequencies. Period.
I have heard only one commonality from those who play in 432, which speaks to their actual experience, and not some "info" which tries to prove their point. Many have shared how it is easier to sing in 432. The ease in singing is the only truth I have heard out of anyone's mouth about this.
So I did a 6 month experiment to explore the truth of this, as many folks I respect were declaring 432 to be the frequency of the heart! Ok, I can be open to the possibility…

So I spent 3 weeks in 432, than 3 weeks in 440. And back and forth I went. Sometimes for 4 weeks at a time. I also played in 441 & 442 during this time as my harmoniums were tuned to those. (If I may mention the Indian culture has been working on enlightenment, meditation and Bhakti Yoga for thousands of years. I think they might have come up with 432 rather than continue to tune their instruments to, on average, 441-443. Just saying... I’ll come back to that). Now, my experience during this 6 months was notable. When I first switched to 432 I noticed, like many others, that it was easier to sing. Wow… maybe it is magic! That lasted for about 2 weeks and then my normal singing returned. In other words the “ease” faded. After the first 3 weeks I switched back to 440 only to find it was “easier” to sing! Wait what? That lasted for about 2 weeks and then all my habits came back, and the "ease" dissipated, again, over time. In conclusion I found that the switching frequencies was the thing that made it easier to sing. A shortcut way to circumvent my habits. For a short time at least. It always faded and I eventually sang the way I always sang. No matter what frequency I was singing in.

Now I did notice something I have never heard from anyone on this subject. I discovered that the frequencies do hit me in different areas. 432 does focus right on the adam’s apple (5th chakra), 440 hits me in the temples, 441-443 hits me in the forehead (6th chakra) and above and below I couldn’t so much feel. I would assume they move up and down respectively. This may explain why harmoniums are tuned to 441-443 or higher. The Indians understand something about meditation...Maybe. I’m just speculating. And since I’ve never heard from anyone else doing any sort of exploration based on experience and scientific method, I’ll leave it at that.

I concluded my research with this hypothesis:
When it feels easier to sing it tricks you into feeling like you’re singing with more heart. So you think its in your heart rather than just a touch easier to sing in your throat. Take it or leave it, that’s my summary based on 6 months of research. And a life and degree in music.
Truly in the end, if you like it then play it. And God bless you for it!

Do what feels good. Just stop trying to convince everyone else you're right.
And one last thought. And this goes for anything and everything. When something is really true it doesn’t come forward with lies, fake science, or conspiracy theories. It comes forth with truth.
Because it doesn’t need to lie and fake anything. Period.
Stop the Non-sense. Please.

The article covers the rest... Thank you


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